Cake and Dessert Menu

Want to find the best desserts in Virginia Beach?

Rigoletto’s Italian Bakery and Café offers some of the best desserts in Virginia Beach. From delicious cupcakes to character cakes Rigoletto is baking up something new and fresh! Check out your options and pricing below.

*We do not take cake orders daily between 12pm-230pm or 5pm-9pm (In person or on the phone.)

*All prices are subject to change.

Cake sizes and suggested servings

*6 inch round 4-6
*8inch round 6-12

*10 inch round 10-18
*12inch round 30-40

*1/8 sheet 8-10
*1/4 sheet 20-24

*1/2 sheet 30-50
*full sheet 60-100

Filling Choice

(This is the cream filling between the layers of cake)

*Birthday Cake
*Raspberry mousse
*Chocolate mousse

*Cappuccino/ Mocha Capp.
*Pineapple (special order)
*Keylime (seasonal)
*French Cream
*Snickers candy bar

*Mint choc chip
*Banana (special order)
*White Chocolate

*Cookies and Cream
*Peanut Butter lovers
*Grand Marnier
*Pumpkin (seasonal)

Outside icing choice

*Chocolate Butter cream
(Extra charge applies to chocolate icings on any cake)

*Italian Butter cream

*American Butter cream

Pricing Guide

(These prices are for basic Décor such as roses, in one color with writing included)

*6 inch round 21.99
*8 inch round 29.99

*10 inch round 39.99
*12 inch round 64.99

*1/8 sheet 22.99
*1/4 sheet 34.99

*1/2 sheet 59.99
*Full sheet 129.99

Other Pricing

*Cupcakes 1.25 each
*Cupcake cake (24) 29.99
*No filling ¼ sheet 18.99

*No filling ½ sheet 37.99
*No filling full sheet 59.99
*1st b-day smash cake 8.99

*Character cakes add 10.00
*Non basic décor add 3.00-8.00 Depending on request
* Fresh fruit add 5.00-12.00

*Extra filling add 3.00-12.00
* Chocolate icing add 3.00-12.00

Signature Cakes

*Lobster tail filling
(three cream mix found inside a lobster tail pastry)

*Lemocello marscapone
*Cassata Cream w/chocolate chips or without.
*Black Forest
*Carrot Cake w/ cream cheese icing
*Red Velvet w/ cream cheese icing
*German Chocolate

*6 inch round 24.99
*8 inch round 34.99
*10 inch round 44.99
*12inch round 69.99

*1/8 sheet 26.99
*1/4 sheet 36.99
*1/2 sheet 69.99
* Full sheet 159.99

Good Things to Know

*Any special décor such as fondant, free hand drawing, pattern work or any special custom cake orders will have a fee of 17.00 per hour. Ask to speak to the cake decorator for an estimate.

* We will not place any items on cakes that are not made for cake decorating such as toys, stickers, photos etc… feel free to do so yourself though. * Don’t see it? Simply ask! We can help with lots of suggestions.

*Cakes not cancelled 48 hours prior will have a fee of 4.99. Refunds are store credit only.

* Please allow 4-6 days of notice to place orders, we reserve the right to refuse cake orders not placed within this time frame.

Does Rigoletto have the best desserts in Virginia Beach? Come on in to find out!